Friday, March 27, 2020

Sadness comes in everyone's life. We as humans never want to show this to our people. But it can be expressed using these best quotes to express your current sad situation. Use these quotes, post them on your social media accounts to let other know. You can share these quotes on Facebook story, Whatsapp status, on Instagram story. 

"Tears Come From 
The Heart Not 
From The Brain" 
Leonardo Da Vinci

"Things Change And 
Friendships Leave
Life Doesn't Stop 
For Anybody"
Stephen Chbosky

"Tears Are Words 
The Heart Cant
Gerard Way

"When You Lose, Do Not
Lose The Lesson."
Dalai Lama

"Chasing Happiness Is 
Guaranteed To Make To 
You Unhappy."
Ed Latimore

"It's Sad When 
Someone You Know 
Becomes Someone You
Henry Rollins

"The Opposite Of
Love Is 
Shane Parrish

"Blaming Other People For
    Things That Are Going Wrong 
     Guarantees Your Continued 
    Justin Han

"There Are Two 
Medicines For All ills:
Time And Silence"
Alexander Dumas

"Never be Afraid Of Tears.
  Tears-Filled Eyes Are Capable
   Of Seeing Truth. Tear-Filled
 Eyes Are Capable of 
Seeing the Beauty 
Of Life."

"If you Didn't Remember
SomethingHappening, Was
It Because It Never Had
Happened?Or Because You 
Wished It Hadn't?"
Jodi Picoult

"I Learned How To Be Happy
Because I know What 
Unhappiness Felt Like."
Lilly Singh

"Sometimes You LAugh
Because You've Got No 
More Room For 
Terry Pratchett

"When You're Happy You
Enjoy The Music, But When 
You're Sad you Understand
The Lyrics."
Frank Ocean

"One Thing You Can't
Hide - Is When You're
Crippled Inside"
John Lennon

"Death Is Not The Greatest
Loss In Life.The Greatest
Loss Is What Dies Inside Us 
When We Live "
Norman Cousins

"Heavy Hearts, Like Heavy
Clouds In The Sky, Are Best 
Relieved By The 
Letting Of A Little Water."
Christopher Morley

"Two Possibilities Exist:
Either We Are Alone in
The Universe Or We Are Not.
Both Are Equally Terrifying"
Arthur C. Clarke

"Behind Every Sweet
Smile, There Is A 
Bitter Sadness That
No One Can Ever See
And Feel."

"People Cry, Not Because
They're Weak, It's Because
They've Been Strong For Too 
Johnny Depp
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